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New Moon
Singing Bowl Meditation 
Sage Cleansing

Spend an hour in blissful relaxation at New Moon Books while Reiki Master Richard Neumer aligns your chakras and cleanses your aura through the vibrations of his Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls.

There will also be a sage cleansing to re-align your chakras with the intent of healing your mind, body, and soul.


New Moon Books, Crystals & Candles, Inc.
74 East McNab Road
Pompano Beach, FL  33060


Saturday, August 11, 2018
Starts at 6:00 pm.
$10 per person

Chairs provided.  Please bring your own pillow.  Call us at (954) 788-4988 to reserve your place now.  Limited Seating.

*Note: A sage cleansing and meditation performed any time, but especially during the New Moon, aligns yourself and your magick for clarity, new beginnings, to let go of what is no longer necessary, to start new goals and projects, and to cleanse yourself (and your personal space) of unhealthy patterns and illness.

Richard Neumer is a Reiki Master and Instructor, and a member of the National Reiki Association of America.

His lineage is from Beth Grey, and is twelve from Dr. Mikao Usui.

Neumer works with both crystal and Tibetan sound bowls and sound-healing tuning forks in his practice.

He is an ordained minister, with the Universal Life Ministries, and is studying to become a Native American Shaman.

For Reiki Master Richard Neumer, the sound of crystal bowls awakens an ancient memory and touches his soul. He teaches that many cultures believe that sound created the universe. For Hindus, all was dark and quiet, until the first movement resulted in the sound, 'AUM', the mother tone which contains all frequencies.

Science, he remarks, demonstrates that sound changes the autonomic, immune, endocrinal, and neuropeptide-based systems in our bodies. In fact, all atoms, molecules, cells, glands, and organs absorb and emit sound.

He points out that this action can reduce stress and pain, develop self-awareness and creativity, and improve learning.