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Critical Acclaim for Dragonflame by Lawren Leo

Finally! Two deeply-guarded occult secrets are revealed: the key to controlling your destiny and the key to the Philosopher’s Stone! Dragonflame is a new and powerful philosophical system that sets forth a magical equation for achieving spiritual transformation and manifesting one’s desires.

From insightful meditations and visualizations to magical exercises and rituals, this book offers spiritual guidance within the framework of the Dragonflame philosophy. With beginners’ instructions and advanced practices, this book accommodates novice and adept, helping both to achieve transformation in an understandable and reader-friendly format.

Magical concepts are combined in Dragonflame. They include the Practical Qabalah, Wicca, Alchemy, Tarot Associations, Astrology, and High Magick. Dragonflame also offers seven rituals for success, finding your true purpose, and increasing magickal and psychic gifts.

Dragonflame teaches how to:

- Create several talismans to tap into and control personal power
- Use the Dragonflame formula to find and manifest your dream
- Discover new paths for magickal and spiritual development
- Define a starting place for novices interested in magick
- Make your magick work in a ‘karmically-correct’ fashion
- Find and begin creating the metaphorical Philosopher’s Stone

Podcast Audio Interviews

Listen to author Lawren Leo discuss his book Dragonflame
in his interview on Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole.

We invite you to listen to author Lawren Leo read excerpts from his book Dragonflame and read a short story, In The Moors, from his new book Love's Shadow: Nine Crooked Paths in his interview by CK Webb.

Lawren Leo

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Dragonflame will help you uncover the treasure that lies buried deep within you. After all, as with alchemy, what is the ultimate purpose of magic, if not for transmutation and transformation? We seek to transform ourselves, our situations, our lives, our destinies. Dragonflame offers tools to successfully accomplish all these goals and more. Author Lawren Leo writes with compassion, knowledge, and insight. Dragonflame presents esoteric concepts in straightforward, lucid, comprehensible language. Rituals, exercises, meditations, and visualizations are tailored to novices and adept.  Highly recommended!
--Judika Illes, author of The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, The Encyclopedia of Spirits, Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting and other books.
Click here to read full review and interview with author Lawren Leo in Judika's Blog 

Dragonflame functions as an effective guide to tapping into your personal power. Leo’s well-orchestrated meditations are grounded in an eclectic mix of spirituality, philosophy, alchemy, and magic. Well done!
--Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening and The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones (Llewellyn). Owner of The Crystal Garden, Boynton Beach, FL.
Click here to read full review 

Leo brings the reader into the mystical world of talismans, dreams, spiritual growth, karma, and the Philosopher's Stone. The author explaines the Qabalistic way of life which depicts the universe on visible and invisile levels. Leo explains an important lesson about magic and karma. Overall, the book gives readers a good perspective on the dynamics of magic the ceremonial aspects and a very extensive glossary of technical terms.
--Dr. Joseph S. Maresca
Click here to read full review and more customer reviews on Amazon 

Dragonflame, by author and psychic Lawren Leo, is destined to become an instant classic in the unexpected cross-over genre of ritual magic and self-help literature. It is at once modern and traditional, grounded in the masters of the Golden Dawn, such as Dion Fortune, the Ciceros, and Donal Michael Kraig, as well as the soul-soothing work of Deepak Chopra and Ekhart Tolle. The remarkable nature of Leo's contribution is his ability to make this material appealing, relevant, and fresh for a twenty-first century audience. No stone remains unturned here. The subject matter bears his hallmark mastery of multiple esoteric fields, including High Magick, Qabalah, Wicca, and Alchemy.
--Marie deFeo, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical/Forensic Psychologist
Click here to read full review 

The spiritual imagery of Dragonflame is markedly hybrid -- a unique admixture of philosophy, magic, folklore, and metaphysics. Through innovative and carefully calibrated rituals, exercises, and other devotional practices, Leo offers readers profound tools of personal transformation. Dragonflame is thus a book that radically empowers its readers to seek new heights.
--Marlene Hennessy, PhD

Dragonflame resists any attempt to be described in simple terms. It is at once a grimoire and a guide for self-empowerment. Its heart is a series of meditations. They include ritual magic, astrology, and the tarot, all of which lead the reader on the most important of journeys: the journey within. A must-read!
--Domenic Leo, PhD, author of Images, Texts, and Marginalia in a 'Vows of the Peacock' Manuscript 

Expect the unexpected from this stylish and magical self-help book. A series of guided meditations includes reflections on astrology, Qabalah, alchemy, and the tarot. Each chapter brings the reader more deeply into self-awareness.
--Claudia Carpenter, Manager of New Age Books & Things, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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with author Lawren Leo 

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I extend my warmest regards to those who made my tour successful. Also, to those who sent me such beautiful and thoughtful reviews. And, especially for the many radio stations who took a special interest in interviewing me.

With gratitude,
Lawren Leo (April of 2014)


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